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SOSSE File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
auth.cAuthentication functions
auth.h [code]Authentication declarations
authtest.cTest program for authentication functions
commands.h [code]Command declarations
config.h [code]Configuration settings
crypt.h [code]Crypto declarations
ctapi.cVirtual CT-API library
ctapi.h [code]Declarations for virtual CT-API library
fs.cFile system
fs.h [code]File system declarations
fstest.cTest program for file system functions
fstream.cFile stream functions
fstream.h [code]File stream declarations
hal-emu.cHAL emulation for Linux
hal.cHAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)
hal.h [code]HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) declarations
log.cLogging functions
log.h [code]Logging declarations
main.cMain() function with command loop
main.h [code]Main() declarations and documentation
newdes-sk.h [code]NEWDES-SK declarations
skipjack.cSkipjack declarations
skipjack.h [code]Skipjack declarations
sw.cErrno functions
sw.h [code]Errno declarations
t0.cT=0 functions
t0.h [code]T=0 declarations
tea.cTEA functions
tea.h [code]TEA declarations
tools.cTool functions
tools.h [code]Tool declarations
transaction.cTransaction functions
transaction.h [code]Transaction declarations
types.h [code]Type declarations

Copyright 2002 by Matthias Bruestle. This is licensed under the GNU General Public License.