SOSSE - Simple Operating System for Smartcard Education


There are many free operating systems available: FreeDOS, EROS, VSTa, RTX, Hurd, BSDs and Linux. But there was no free operating system available for most interesting computer platform, the smart card.

Now SOSSE is a GPLed operating system for smart cards. It is implemented mostly in C to improve portability and understandability. So you can let your learn and play instincts roam freely.

Hardware requirements

Because all commercial secure smart cards require the signing of non-disclosure agreements, there were obviously not suited for SOSSE. Releasing it under the GPL would have been impossible. Fortunately there is another smart card market, the smart cards used for Pay-TV and other card clones. Here the AVR cards have been choosen as platform for SOSSE. These cards are called e.g. Funcard. See further down in the hardware information section for more detailed information about the AVR. Additionally, SOSSE requires a programmer to write the operating system to these cards. You can get these also at the smart card shops

Software requirements

For developement, you need the AVR GCC, which runs e.g. unter Linux and MS Windows. Additional, you need software for your AVR programmer.


The documentation has been generated with Doxygen. It is here available as HTML, DVI and PS. It contains description about building SOSSE, the supported commands and the source code (functions, variables, defines, etc.).


All files regarding SOSSE are located at These are currently named after the release date in the ISO format without dashes.


Software information

SOSSE has been developed using the GCC development tools. These are available at There are the sources, binaries and RPMs for Linux and binaries for MS Windows.

Hardware information

Smart card shops

This is just a list of card shops. This does in no way mean, that these are all good, realiable or cheap. You have to show yourself. These are also only links to shops with pages in English or German.

SOSSE applications

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