NEW Chipcard Cover

Some real life [TM] situations we probably all know. These do not have something in common, but there is a single product which helps against all these problems.

Situation 1

Herbert F. takes out his access control card for his home and trys to insert it into the slot, but it's impossible, because the card is full of ice. He has to sleep the hole night out there in the icy wind, get's a pneumonia and dies of green maggots.

Situation 2

Jane D.'s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It is cold out there and to far to walk to the next backwater. So she has to stay in her card the whole night and feel sooooo alone. Nobody to cuddle with. Not even a vibrator. The next morning somebody finds her. She has to be treated in an asylum because her new mental disease.

The Solution

The NEW Chipcard cover made 100% from high quality red plush!

Chipcard Cover

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